14 Day Kickstarter

It's possible with Real Fitness Training. Here's how it works:

  • 15 + LIVE classes a week with a Large variety including full body workouts, Legs & buns, Ab Blasters, Stretch & release, Yoga and mediation with the care & love from the incredible RFT coaches.
  • Over 50+ workouts you can access at any time.
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A + Virtual Coffee/tea Catch ups!
  • Daily Educational Content & motivation to keep you on track
  • LIVE Cooking Demonstration's
  • Your very own RFT Approved Recipe Booklet with over 50+ healthy & scrumptious recipes
  • Webinars on Mindset, movement, nutrition and how to still get your desired result.
  • An incredible Virtual Community supporting & motivating one another + Above & Beyond daily Support

All this for 14 days for ONLY $39

Our sessions run LIVE, with a coach giving you REAL time feedback and support PLUS as an added bonus they are going to be your accountability buddy!

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Hui Kuan

Dropped 7.2% of body fat whilst maintaining all her lean muscle.

Adam Phillips

Dropped 5% body fat, 35cm in girths and 6.5kgs of fat.

Kerrie Dominguez

Dropped 6% body fat and 10.3kgs

Pegah Kamal

Dropped 4.5% of body fat whilst rehabbing a shoulder injury

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